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Civil Air Patrol

Do you want to fly?  Do you want to honor and serve America?  Then rise to the challenge of cadet membership in the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.
Go to http://gocivilairpatrol.com or talk to Major Leder to learn more!

Civil Air Patrol

Hello to all Aerospace family, friends and others. At Bronx Aerospace High School we have a lot of different pathways to lead your child into.  There are pathways to become a pilot, engineer, artist, the list goes on. I myself am a part of most of the programs the school has to offer to get a better feel and understanding of what they’re like and then forward this information to future students as well as parents. I’m a part of the Robotics Team, Student Council, Superintendent Fia Davis’s Student Advisory Council, Student Leadership Team, CAP & (CAC). For now I will focus primarily on the aspect of Civil Air Patrol. Our unit is located here in the building (Evander Childs Campus). Our unit is NY-423 and our unit commander is Maj Annette Leder.

The main question is, what is CAP (Civil Air Patrol)? Civil air patrol is the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Now while this might sound misleading to some about being a part of the military, CAP is not active military service. Though Civil Air Patrol can help you get to a higher rank if you later on join a branch of the military (it is not required to join the military) this program is just simply a program to turn youths into leaders of tomorrow. We have 4 core values in CAP these being the following: Integrity, Excellence, Volunteer Service, and Respect. CAP is also designed to help students excel in their academics. 4 of the main courses that CAP offers are Aviation, Leadership, Military and Technology. CAP also allows cadets to take control over a Cessna 172 aircraft at a safe altitude and allow them to do simple maneuvers like turning, climbing, descending etc. Some members are able to practice more advanced maneuvers such as stalls and banks. You will see the type of maneuvers you will be doing (depending on your flight syllabus) in pictures of  my fellow cadets and friends that are posted on the wall next to the water fountain. In addition, at CAP we also offer encampments where cadets are able to experience flight in a military aircraft as well as being able to meet new cadets.  This allows for a cadet to make new friends. (encampments usually last around a week). Earlier on I mentioned “CAC” which is an acronym for Cadet Advisory Council. The CAC are responsible for ensuring the NYCG (New York City Group) have events planned through the year ranging from air shows to allowing cadets to participate in leadership camps, which usually last around 2 days. Most of the expenses/cost about CAP will be covered by the school. Finally CAP follows similar USAF practices such as drilling and their ranks.

NER NY-423 C/A1C Teekadharry

For additional information visit www.gocivilairpatrol.com 

or scan the QR code.